Jane McNee, now in Halifax (June 2018), is the embodiment of Change of Pace Dog Training. She has been working with dogs and playing the game of Obedience for over 35 years. While her first love is Obedience, her passion and experience include Rally, Agility, Herding, as well as dog behaviour.

Dog Obedience

An accomplished obedience competitor, first with Shetland Sheepdogs, then with Australian Shepherds, and currently with her Pyrenean Shepherd Fidjit, Jane has successfully competed in local, regional and national trials. Through the years, her dogs have achieved over 40 HITS, Top Dog rankings with the CKC, AKC & ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) and have earned All-Star Top 10 placements in both Obedience and Rally. Jane's teaching philosophy is to develop attitude and attention in the dog while laying the foundation for accuracy and drive.

To discuss and/or to book a private lesson, please use the contact form OR contact Jane directly at changeofpacetraining@gmail.com

Dog Behaviour

Change of Pace also specializes in resolving dog behavioural issues, such as reactivity, resource guarding, and environmental sensitivities. Jane's experiences as a certified Animal Health Technician, the operator of a boarding kennel, and an instructor to hundreds of students with dogs have allowed her to develop a proven expertise in dog behaviour.

To discuss your dog's behavioural issues and/or to book a consultation, please contact Jane directly at changeofpacetraining@gmail.com

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